My Experiment with Minimalism


I am not a minimalist. I love having all my items organized, and I routinely declutter my home, but I do not fit into the category of a minimalist by any means. I have been stumbling across a lot of articles recently on minimalist. The more I read about it the more I find the concept appealing, especially when it comes to kids toys. This has nothing to do with not wanting to pick up after my kids. I just truly do believe that kids can get easily overwhelmed by too many things in front of them and as a result their creativity goes out the window. Even though I know this, I am completely guilty of buying too many toys for my kids. When my kids show interest in something new, I often find myself searching Amazon for a new toy to go with this new interest. I have even bought a new toy simply because I want a new toy to play with them with. Ugh.

The other day my daughter and I walked into the playroom. She looked around at all the toys and said, “Hmm..I don’t know what to play with?” This statement really bothered me. All these toys, but she wasn’t sure what to play! I wanted to bring down a donation box and put 90% of the toys in it at that moment. Instead of being that drastic, I decided to have a little experiment. I took about half the toys from the playroom and put them in a spare closet. I already use this closet to house some toys for a “toy rotation” but this time I put a LOT of the playroom toys in it.

The next day, my kids and I went to the playroom to play. They picked a toy and played with it for an hour and a half! It was one of those magnetic building toys, but that day it was played with in numerous ways. It became everything from alphabet letters to a bowling game. It was eye opening to see how differently they played after I narrowed down their toy options.

Now, this still hasn’t converted me to becoming a minimalist. It’s not my personality. I have far too many cookbooks and will never have a “capsule wardrobe.” However, I have decided to continue limiting the amount of toys that are accessible at any given time and rotate toys on a more frequent basis.

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