A Closet Is Not Just For Clothes

I love using spaces around the home in unexpected and unique ways. My son has a fairly large closet. Hanging clothes in it doesn’t make the best use of the space given how small his little pants and shirts are. So instead of hanging them and wasting all of the very usable space, I easily fit them into a dresser and converted the closet to a usable play space. He loves to draw and write books, so I simply repurposed a train table we already owned as a large desktop so he could built, draw, and make a mess, and I could simply close the doors to put it away at the end of the day. Over time it became used mostly as an art table. It was his own little creative nook. Perfect for a preschooler!


Since my son is getting older, I decided it was time he had an actual desk to sit at. The closet “office” has been working so well for us I found a desk that fit the closet space and allowed for plenty of area to spread out his projects. The Ikea Pahl desk works great for us because it fits well inside the closet and easily adjusts in height, so it will grow with him. I almost added an additional shelf for storage but decided it might end up looking cluttered. The inside of the closet is rather wide, so I decided to add shelving on the sides of the closet inside, when I eventually need more storage space.


This is just one different way to use an otherwise unused closed. Closets make great craft spaces, reading nooks, toy storage, bars, mud rooms; the possibilities are endless. Here are a few beautiful ideas I’ve seen:






Happy Organizing!


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  1. How fun is that closet bar? Nice option for a basement, perhaps after the children have left and you no longer need it to store toys. Great ideas!


  2. In my office, I use my closet for my filing cabinets and place my bookcase in it. It’s handy but it’s out of the way. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.


  3. Linda Samuels says:

    I LOVE that closet reading nook. It just begs you to come relax and enjoy a good read! And I agree with Seana…how cool to have a closet “bar!”


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