You’ve Decluttered, Now What?


This time of the year, many people go into Spring cleaning mode. This may involve some (or a lot of) decluttering and removing items from your home that you no longer want taking up space. But what is the best way to get rid of these items?

I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of options available for getting rid of all those items you are ready to part with. I’ve broken it into two sections: ways to sell and places to donate.

Sell them:

Yard Sale- Spring is a great time of the year to do a yard sale, or even an estate sale if you need to. It’s a pretty simple way to get some extra cash and get rid of things that you no longer want in your home. Simply advertise your sale, price tag your items, and host your sale outside your home (or at a community yard sale if that’s an option).

Craigslist/EBay- Another option for selling your items is to use Craigslist, EBay, or another of the many websites available to sell items. Craigslist doesn’t involve shipping your item like EBay does. Just be careful to be aware of scammers on Craigslist. It is also best to meet your seller in a public location when possible.

Facebook Yard Sale Group- To find one of these groups search Facebook for your state and “yard sale” and a variety will pop up. For example “Maryland Yard sale.” These groups are great because you can sell a variety of things to others in your area simply by uploading a picture and posting it on the Facebook page.

Consignment Store in Person- Local consignment stores will take a variety of different items. Some will even pay upfront for items. Others will put your items on consignment, so that you get a percentage of the sale WHEN they sell. This is usually the case for higher end items like designer clothes, handbags, or furniture.

Consignment Stores through Mail/Online- There are many online consignment stores these days. My favorite at the moment is Simply request a bag on their website, fill it up, and drop it at the post office. They will pay upfront for the clothes they want to sell, consign (pay when someone purchases) higher end items, and donate what they don’t want. You have the option to have the items they don’t want returned to you for a fee.

Amazon- Amazon is a good place to sell items such as used books. Many books also have the option to be traded-in for Amazon gift cards.

Donate them:

Depending on where you live, there are multiple locations that donations can be made of just about anything. Smaller, local donation centers are great because the items donated usually help serve individuals in the areas you live. A quick Google search will help you find some local options. is a website that will schedule donation pickups and deliver to donations centers in your area.

Some other donation options that are available in most cities are:

Goodwill- Supports employment training and job placement. Accepts most items. Pickups available. (Free pickups must be scheduled a decent amount of time in advance. Priority pickups are available for a fee. Amazon also has a partnership program with Goodwill called the give back program. Delivered Amazon boxes can be filled with donations and shipped to Goodwill free of charge. All you have to do is request a shipping label from, fill up your Amazon box, and ship for free.

Purple Heart- Donations help fund programs to support veterans and their families. They accept clothing and household goods. Pickups are available.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore- Provide shelter for those in need around the world. They accept donations of new or gently used furniture, appliances, housewares, building materials and more. They offer pickups of larger items or large amounts of donations.

Lupus Foundation Household Goods Program- Proceeds from donations are used to support programs in the fight against Lupus. They accept most household items and offer small or large pickups in many cities.
Also, if you don’t already know what Lupus is, please learn more here: What Is Lupus??

Diaper Banks- There are many diaper banks across the country and they usually accept much more than just diapers. Many also accept items such as: unopened baby food and formula, bottles and accessories, baby clothing, adult hygiene products, and more. Check with your local diaper bank for a complete list. If you are in the DC Metro area the DC Diaper Bank is a great place to donate these items.

Craiglist Free Section/Freecycle Network-  Craiglist’s free section and The Freecycle Network aren’t tax deductible charity donations, but they are still a good way of finding a new home for something you no longer want/need. Simply post the item you want to get rid of for free and wait for someone to respond that they would like it. Many times items are simply placed outside your home or “curbside pickup” for easy pickup.

These are only some of the great options out there for taking items you no longer need and putting them in the hands of those that do need them.

What are some of your favorite ways to sell or donate the things you no longer need or want?









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  1. dnqsolutions says:

    Wonderful tips!


  2. These are all great resources. If you want items picked up at your residence, I’ve found Vietnam Veterans of America, Salvation Army and Big Brother/Big Sister to all be reliable and easy to schedule.


  3. Sara Skillen says:

    All great ideas – many clients want the discard process to be as simple as possible, so the organizations that will pick up donations are a great resource. There’s also Donation Town, where you can plug in a zip code and see who will do pickups in your area:


    1. Sara Skillen says:

      Whoops – missed that you had Donation Town listed already. Sorry to duplicate!


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