How to Prepare for a Professional Organizer

Storage Containers

I’ve had many clients ask me what they should do to prepare for our organizing session. The simple answer to this questions is to do nothing out of the ordinary. More specifically, there are things that I do NOT want you to do before my arrival.


  1. Straighten up- I want to see an accurate portrayal of your home on a typical day. I want to see where you drop your coat and mail when you walk in, where your put your dirty laundry, where/how your kids play with their toys. Straightening up distracts from the clear view of how you spend your day and where you naturally put things. Besides, there is a good chance I’m going to pull it all out anyways when we begin working.
  2. Be embarrassed- Every single person I have worked with has mentioned their embarrassment before showing me the space(s) they want to organize. It is nothing you need to be embarrassed of. There are many circumstances that result in homes not being in your ideal state. There are also different interpretations of what is ideal. I’ve probably also seen worse.
  3. Buy storage containers- This is probably the number one things people ask me if they should do before I come. The answer is almost always no and here is why: we don’t know what you need yet. We won’t know until we go through your home, decide what is staying and what is going, where you are storing things, what type of storage works best there, and what quantity you need. Everyone loves a good storage container, but if you buy too early you will very likely not end up with the proper one. All this does is create a return errand for you, extra clutter, and/or using a storage container because you have it and not because it’s the best for the space. If we need something, we will buy it after we are sure of what is needed.
  4. Stress out- This may be harder to avoid than the previous three, but please don’t stress out about our upcoming session. I know it may seem overwhelming, but I promise you I will make the process pain free and much more manageable. You may even *gasp* enjoy it!


Happy Organizing!

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  1. I totally agree, never straight up for a PO. We need to see how the client lives to truly help them change their habits. Great reminders for anyone who schedules an amazing consultation.


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