My favorite organizing products for kids rooms.

There are tons of home organization products on the market these days, including many geared towards controlling kids clutter. While there are many great items, here are a few of my favorites for organizing kids rooms.

The Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit-

There’s a reason you will see these shelving units in playrooms across the country. It is a great way to house plenty of toys, books, and clothes. The shelves can be left as is, or baskets can be added to conceal anything from toys to pajamas. There are many cube shelves on the market, but I like the Kallax because the cubbies are larger than most other brands. Ikea also offers many different styles of storage boxes that fit snugly inside the cubes.


Wall Hooks:

I love using hooks to organize my home. Hooks are a nearly effortless way to organize things and get them up off the floor. Putting hooks at kids level makes it easy for them to get things down when they want them and put them away once they are done. There are lots of cute hooks out there but I think these gemstone hooks from Land of Nod are adorable!

Land of Nod

BEKVÄM Spice Racks:

These spice racks are used for way more than just spices. They are perfect for holding and displaying children’s books. Put a few racks next to some pillows and create a book nook in your child’s room. They are also great for holding stuffed animals, small toys, school folders, picture frames, and many other items.

BEKVÄM Spice rack IKEA Saves space on the countertop Solid wood can be sanded and surface treated as needed.



Ikea Glis Boxes with Lids:

These sturdy little boxes are perfect for corralling smaller items such as small toy pieces, hair clips, and arts and craft supplies. At $3.99 and $2.99 for 3, it is easy to stock up.



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